What To Look for When Buying a Level 2 Charger

What To Look for When Buying a Level 2 Charger

Level 2 chargers are fast chargers installed in homes and public charging stations. A quality level 2 charger cable is long enough to reach your electric vehicle’s charge port while parked in any position.

Here are other things to consider when buying a level 2 charger for an electric vehicle (EV):

Charging Speed

Level 2 chargers have a higher charging speed than level 1 because of a higher Alternate Current (AC) rate. Residential and commercial level 2 equipment provide AC charging through 240-volt or 208-volt, respectively.

A level 2 EV charger fills up an empty electric battery vehicle (BEV) in four to ten hours. The equipment may charge an empty plugin hybrid electric vehicle in one to two hours. Your electric car’s battery temperature, deterioration, voltage limits, or the available charge determines level 2 equipment charging speed.


A portable level 2 EV charger could be ideal if you travel frequently. Portability may refer to tethered chargers, which are stationary, or untethered chargers, which are mobile. Tethered electrical vehicle chargers offer great convenience, as they are easily accessible, secure, and quickly recalled.

In contrast, untethered level 2 charging equipment stands out for its compact size, affordability, and lightweight design. Your charging needs and personal preferences could help you determine between tethered and untethered electric vehicle chargers.

Overall Investment

Level 2 EV chargers with higher power capacities may be more expensive than those with low power capacities. Chargers with smart technology features like Wi-Fi connectivity could also cost more than conventional ones.

Estimating the charger’s price and installation cost helps create an appropriate purchasing budget. Before choosing this type of EV charger, compare estimates from several sellers to find a more affordable one. A high-quality charger may be more expensive but could serve you for a more extended period.

Power Panel Capacities

Your home’s electrical or power panel may determine your choice of a charging station. An ideal level 2 EV charger’s current status works with your home’s power panel capacity.

Your electrical panel’s amperage could help determine how much charging power an EV charger would need for a home application. Upgrade your power panel before buying the charger if it serves refrigerators, space heaters, and other amperage appliances.

Installation Requirements

Properly installed level 2 chargers in homes can operate effectively without causing the risks of explosions or fire outbreaks.

The charger’s installation must meet the recommended electrical safety and technical standards. Some technical requirements include having the right-sized electrical outlet exterior casing and charging point upstands. Electrical safety requirements for EV charger installations include:

  • Adequate electrical supply
  • Compliance with Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) wiring regulations
  • Installation of weatherproof charge points
  • Installation of smart charge points that can track energy consumption


The charger’s connector type can determine its compatibility with your electric car. Choose a connector that allows Wi-Fi connectivity for easier remote monitoring of your vehicle’s charging. Consulting the manufacturer’s manual can help you determine the compatibility of your chosen EV charger.

Smart Technology

Smart technology in level 2 EV chargers helps start, stop, or schedule charging, review charging sessions, and set up plugin reminders. Monitoring and controlling real-time charging makes smart level 2 EV chargers convenient and efficient. Some advanced features these chargers have include:

  • Connectivity
  • Mobile data analytics and forecasting
  • Load balancing
  • Demand response
  • Intelligent charging management

Buy Level 2 Chargers

Level 2 chargers can help enhance your electric car’s experience due to their fast and convenient charging capabilities. Appropriate EV chargers with Wi-Fi connectivity, high charging speed, and budget-friendly features can significantly contribute to a seamless charging experience.

Call a reputable EV charger seller today to discuss their extensive range of products and find the perfect fit for your electric vehicle charging needs.

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