Alison Victoria – Unveiling The Mysteries And Love Journey!

Alison Victoria

Dive into the captivating love life of HGTV star Alison Victoria, from her turbulent professional breakup to the complexities of her romantic relationships.

Alison Victoria is a renowned TV host and interior designer. She made history as the first female host of the show “Kitchen Crashers” on DIY and HGTV networks. 

Discover the highs, lows, and renewed spirit that define her personal and professional evolution.

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The Design Prodigy – Alison Victoria’s Early Years

Alison Victoria, born on October 31, 1981, in Chicago, IL, is a renowned TV host and interior designer. Her journey to stardom began when she became the first female host of the popular show Kitchen Crashers on DIY and HGTV networks. A graduate in interior design from the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, Alison’s expertise in making rooms beautiful quickly set her apart.

Teaming Up for Success – Alison’s Professional Prowess

To pave her path to success, Alison Victoria collaborated with Christopher Holmes, gaining invaluable knowledge in her field. Alongside managing her design firm, she serves as the Creative Director for the Silverton Casino Hotel in Las Vegas, overseeing a remarkable $160 million expansion project.

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Accolades And Recognition – Alison’s Impact On The Industry:

Trailblazing Achievements – First Female Host and Rising Star 

Alison Victoria’s accomplishments extend beyond design; she made history as the first female host of Kitchen Crashers. In 2011, her talent and dedication were honoured with the Rising Stars of Business award from the Las Vegas Business Press, recognizing her as a trailblazer in the industry.

Influence and Recognition – Most Influential Personality Award 

Acknowledging her significant impact, Alison Victoria was bestowed with the Most Influential Personality (Female) Award. While detailed information on her awards is limited, her influence in the design and television industry remains evident.

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Wealth and Success – Alison Victoria’s Net Worth:

Financial Triumph – Net Worth and Earnings 

Alison Victoria’s financial success is a testament to her accomplishments. With an estimated net worth of around $4 million, she earns a substantial income, receiving approximately $38,932 per episode for her television shows. Beyond her TV career, she has expanded her influence through social media, engaging with her audience and exploring endorsements.

A Visionary and Influencer – Alison Victoria’s Future 

Alison Victoria’s childhood passion for drawing and acting has evolved into a thriving career. Her goal is clear: to become one of the industry’s most renowned figures. With a strong social media presence on platforms like Instagram and YouTube, Alison consistently provides fresh content, establishing herself not just as a TV personality but also as an influential figure and influencer.

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Behind The Scenes Of Windy City Rehab Drama:

Suppose you’ve been following the twists and turns of Windy City Rehab. In that case, you’re likely acquainted with the tumultuous professional drama that unfolded between Alison Victoria and her former lead contractor, Donovan Eckhardt. Legal battles and the dissolution of their business partnership were front and center, creating a storm that left fans wondering about Alison’s personal life.

The “Work Husband” and Real-Life Love 

Alison Victoria’s professional life may have been in chaos, but her personal life has its share of stories. Previously, she referred to Donovan Eckhardt as her “work husband,” shedding light on their close professional bond. However, beyond the set, Alison had a real-life husband named Luke Harding.

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Love Found Online – The Luke Harding Era 

While Alison Victoria faced professional challenges, her romantic life with Luke Harding unfolded in parallel. The duo met in 2011 on, a serendipitous online encounter that blossomed into a deep connection. Luke, a Chicago-based insurance agent, proposed in the romantic setting of The Drake Hotel’s French Room, surrounded by 120 guests. Their wedding was a celebration of love and commitment.

The Proud Supporter – Luke Harding’s Role:

His unwavering support fueled Alison Victoria’s marriage to Luke Harding. Victoria described him as her “biggest fan,” highlighting Harding’s pride in her achievements. Unfortunately, despite the initial joy, their love story faced its own challenges, leading to a separation in 2019 and the finalization of their divorce a few years later.

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Alison’s Marriage to Luke Harding 

In a 2014 profile for Chicago Splash, Alison Victoria shared insights into her personal life. She married Luke Harding, an insurance agent in Chicago, in November 2013. The couple met on in 2011, and Alison expressed the decision to marry Luke because he was her “biggest fan” and someone she found pride in.

Alison Victoria

The Unveiling Of Post-Marriage Privacy – Private Life In The Public Eye:

Despite her openness about her marriage in the past, a shift occurred, and Alison Victoria chose to keep her romantic life more private. Scrolling through her social media profiles, it’s evident that she values personal boundaries, particularly in her romantic relationships.

Amidst the post-divorce era, Alison Victoria’s romantic life took a turn as she was linked to Michael Marks. While she doesn’t extensively share details online, an interview with People revealed her gratitude towards Michael for providing support during challenging times. Pictures of the couple exist online, reflecting a facet of Alison’s life she prefers to keep away from the spotlight.

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The Professional Breakup with Donovan 

Alison Victoria’s split from Donovan Eckhardt was not just a professional parting but had emotional undertones. Describing it as a breakup, she acknowledged the difficulty of severing professional ties, emphasizing its impact on her personally and emotionally.

Recovery and Fresh Starts

With time, distance, and a hiatus in 2022, Alison Victoria found the strength to recover from the stress. In an interview with People, she mentioned the ability to put the stress behind her, paving the way for a fresh start. Windy City Rehab Season 4, which premiered in May 2023, showcases a renewed Alison, free from the shadows of past struggles.

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A Glimpse Into The Future – The Resilient Alison Victoria!

Post-hiatus, Alison Victoria returns to the screen, not just as the designer and host fans know but as her unburdened version. Windy City Rehab Season 4 promises a glimpse into the resilient and authentic Alison, who, despite the challenges, remains dedicated to her craft and the joy of transforming spaces.

Crashing Down – The Professional Breakup With Donovan Eckhardt 

Alison Victoria’s journey has been a rollercoaster marked by triumphs and tribulations. One of the most significant chapters unfolded alongside her professional partner, Donovan Eckhardt. 

Their collaboration began on “Kitchen Crashers” and later extended to “Windy City Rehab.” Initially, their partnership thrived, and Victoria affectionately referred to Eckhardt as her “work husband.” However, legal battles, lawsuits from dissatisfied clients, and financial mismanagement led to the eventual termination of their partnership in 2020.

The Rise and Fall of the “Work Husband” Dynamic 

As the duo navigated the renovation, the “work-husband” dynamic between Alison Victoria and Donovan Eckhardt created a strong partnership. However, the cracks began to show, resulting in lawsuits, financial violations, and the suspension of Eckhardt’s licenses. Their professional breakup was a turning point in Victoria’s career, leading her to reassess and rebuild.

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IVF Chronicles – Alison Victoria’s Journey to Motherhood:

The Quest for Motherhood – Alison’s IVF Journey

Amidst the whispers of her romantic life, Alison Victoria’s journey to motherhood took centre stage. While rumors once hinted at a daughter with Luke Harding, multiple outlets clarified that she doesn’t have children. However, she openly shared her IVF struggles, expressing the desire to have her own family.

Egg Freezing Challenges – The Unveiling of Realities 

Victoria’s commitment to having a family unfolded through her IVF process. She candidly shared her experiences, from unsuccessful attempts to freeze her eggs to egg retrieval surgery. The challenges of viable eggs surfaced, with only one deemed viable. In May 2022, a poignant Instagram post revealed the complexities of her egg-freezing journey, intertwined with personal decisions and a breakup.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What led to the professional breakup between Alison Victoria and Donovan Eckhardt? 

The professional breakup between Alison Victoria and Donovan Eckhardt was triggered by a series of legal battles, lawsuits from dissatisfied clients, and financial mismanagement on Eckhardt’s part. These issues ultimately resulted in the suspension of Eckhardt’s contractor and developer licenses, leading to the termination of their partnership in 2020.

2. When did Alison Victoria and Luke Harding get married, and when did they divorce? 

Alison Victoria and Luke Harding, a Chicago-based insurance agent, married in November 2013. However, their marriage faced challenges and decided to part ways in 2019. The divorce was finalized a few years later.

3. Who is Michael Marks, and how did he support Alison Victoria during challenging times? 

Michael Marks is a figure associated with Alison Victoria post her divorce from Luke Harding. As of September 2020, they were in a relationship. Marks played a significant role in supporting Alison, especially during the challenging aftermath of her professional split with Donovan Eckhardt.

4. Did Alison Victoria have a daughter with Luke Harding? 

Contrary to previous rumours, Alison Victoria has no daughter with Luke Harding. Multiple outlets have clarified this misconception. While details about her personal life are often private, Alison has been candid about her fertility journey and her desire to have a family through IVF.

5. What challenges did Alison Victoria face in her IVF journey? 

Alison Victoria openly shared her IVF struggles, including unsuccessful attempts to freeze her eggs and the complexities of egg retrieval surgery. She revealed that only one was deemed viable out of three retrieved eggs. Her journey is a testament to the challenges many individuals face when navigating fertility treatments.

6. Is Alison Victoria currently in a relationship? 

As of the latest available information, in September 2020, Alison Victoria was in a relationship with Michael Marks. However, Alison tends to keep her romantic life private, and updates on her current relationship status may require checking more recent sources.

7. When did Windy City Rehab Season 4 premiere, and what can viewers expect? 

Windy City Rehab Season 4 premiered on May 23, 2023. In this latest season, viewers will witness a renewed Alison Victoria, free from the shadows of past struggles. The season promises to showcase Alison’s authentic and resilient side as she returns to her passion for transforming spaces.


Alison Victoria’s journey, marked by the highs of professional accomplishments and the lows of personal and romantic challenges, unveils the resilience of a woman navigating uncharted territories. 

The professional breakup with Donovan Eckhardt, once her “work husband,” showcased the pitfalls of collaboration and Alison’s ability to reassess and rebuild.

As the curtain fell on her marriage to Luke Harding, marked by love, pride, and eventual separation, Alison Victoria continued her odyssey, seeking solace in a low-key romantic life with Michael Marks. His supportive presence became a beacon of strength during the tumultuous aftermath of her professional split.

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