Maine Cabin Masters Death – Everything You Need To Know!

Maine Cabin Masters Death

In 2017, the DIY Network showcased “Maine Cabin Masters,” featuring builder Chase Morrill, his sister Ashley Morrill-Eldridge, and their team from the Kennebec Cabin Company.

The show’s concept, as suggested by its title, follows the Maine siblings and their skilled team as they transform their clients’ aging cabins.

After Maine Cabin Masters Died – What Became of Tim Reeves?

Tim Reeves, a cherished “From the Woodshed” podcast member associated with the Maine Cabin Masters, passed away in August 2021. The Maine Cabin Masters’ official Facebook page paid tribute to Reeves on 30 August 2021, revealing that he had been battling a severe illness, which eventually led to his demise. 

He is remembered fondly as a dedicated participant in the podcast, making weekly appearances despite his health challenges. The team shared that they frequently communicated with Reeves, discussing his deep-rooted affection for Maine, his cherished hunting cabin, and his family. 

The announcement on Facebook prompted an outpouring of condolences from friends, family, and fans alike. Many expressed their grief and shared heartfelt messages, emphasizing Reeves’ admirable character and significant impact on the show and its community.

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His Autobiography – A Deep Dive!

Early Life and Background:

Born on 6 July 1949 to William F. Davenport Sr. and Barbara R Davenport (Trainor), Wild Bill grew up alongside his siblings, Flora Peyton and Florence Harrelson, in Whitefield.

Journey in the Navy and Beyond:

After serving in the US Navy as a young man, Wild Bill embarked on a global adventure as a sailor. Following his naval career, he spent several years residing in California and Florida. However, the allure of Maine and a desire to secure employment brought him back to his hometown.

Settling Down in Chelsea:

Eventually, Davenport moved to Chelsea, where he established his roots. He devoted years to carpentry, tree climbing with chainsaws, and worm digging.

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An Appearance on the Podcast:

On 8th September 2020, Wild Bill made a memorable appearance on the Kennebec Cabin Company – From the Woodshed 118 podcast. He recounted the diverse jobs he undertook over his lifetime, revealing a close bond with Chase and Ashley’s father, Bill Morrill. Bill and Eric Morrill, Chase and Ashley’s father, had shared a longstanding professional relationship.

A Lasting Bond with the Morrills:

Following Eric’s passing in 2014, the Morrill siblings remained connected with Wild Bill, ensuring his presence at job sites whenever possible. Over the subsequent decade, a profound bond formed between Davenport and Eric’s daughter, Ashley, and her husband, Ryan Eldridge. 

Wild Bill emerged as a guiding figure and mentor in their lives, and the couple remains deeply grateful for his enduring influence. We hope you found our tribute to Wild Bill Davenport, a beloved figure from the Maine Cabin Masters, touching and memorable.

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Maine Cabin Masters Death
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The cast of Maine Cabin Masters is the host of their podcast – Informative Guide!

Diverse Mediums for the “Maine Cabin Masters” Cast:

While the “Maine Cabin Masters” have garnered immense popularity on television, their influence doesn’t stop there. A testament to this is the “From the Woodshed” podcast, accessible via the Kennebec Cabin Company’s official website.

Insightful Discussions and Expert Advice:

Hosted by Chase Morrill alongside his brother-in-law, Ryan Eldridge, the podcast delves deep into the world of cabin restoration. It not only addresses burning questions from fans but also provides invaluable “Project Pointers” tailored for listeners keen on embarking on their cabin renovation ventures.

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Complementary Content on YouTube:

For those who prefer visual content, “From the Woodshed” is also available on YouTube. Serving as a perfect companion to the TV series, the podcast covers a broad spectrum of topics. 

From celebrating the rustic charm and lifestyle of Maine to imparting practical construction advice, it offers listeners an exclusive backstage pass, granting them insights into the show’s production dynamics.

Engaging Special Guests:

What makes the podcast even more captivating are its special guests. Regular listeners are treated to appearances by familiar faces from the TV show, including the beloved “Doug the Plumber”, the trusted landscaper Francis Folsom, and the charismatic “Wild Bill” Davenport. 

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The kids of Chip and Joanna Gaines are well deserving of thanks from Maine Cabin Masters – You May Know!

After its debut on the DIY Network, “Maine Cabin Masters” swiftly became one of the channel’s most-watched shows, with data from Parrot Analytics showing its viewer demand to be nearly threefold compared to other shows. 

However, with the transformation of DIY Network into “Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Network,” many programs, including “Maine Cabin Masters,” faced uncertain futures. Fortunately for fans and the show’s crew, the Gaineses recognized the show’s appeal, especially to their own children. 

Chase Morrill shared with People that Chip Gaines mentioned how his kids, despite not having a TV at home, always tuned into “Maine Cabin Masters” whenever they visited their grandparents.

Chip Gaines further expressed his admiration for the “Maine Cabin Masters” team during an episode of their “From the Woodshed” podcast. He commended their ability to maintain success even amid the network rebranding, emphasizing the challenge of transitioning established shows into a new network environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, Tim Reeves, who was associated with the “From the Woodshed” podcast of the Maine Cabin Masters, passed away in August 2021.

2. How did Tim Reeves contribute to “Maine Cabin Masters”?

Tim Reeves was a part of the “From the Woodshed” podcast associated with the Maine Cabin Masters. He was known for his contributions to the podcast and his friendship with the Morrill family.

3. Who was close to Tim Reeves on the show?

Chase and Ashley’s dad, Bill Morrill, had a close relationship with Tim Reeves. After Bill’s passing, the Morrill family continued to maintain a bond with Reeves.


In 2017, the DIY Network introduced “Maine Cabin Masters,” starring builder Chase Morrill, his sister Ashley Morrill-Eldridge, and the Kennebec Cabin Company crew.

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