Everyday Tasks That Require Management at Self Storage Properties

Everyday Tasks That Require Management at Self Storage Properties

Efficient management is paramount for the proper operation of self-storage properties. Behind the scenes, managers oversee the daily operations in storage facilities to create exceptional customer experiences.

Facility owners who cannot manage their properties often hire property managers to do so on their behalf. Here are everyday tasks a self storage property management team can perform:

Facility Maintenance and Security

Maintaining a clean and secure facility is necessary for attracting and retaining customers. Property managers help with this by taking over routine maintenance tasks like landscaping, building repairs, and equipment upkeep. The management team can also oversee remodeling projects in your facility.

 Self storage property management companies often hire on-site security personnel to safeguard the facilities they manage. The management may also oversee the installation of surveillance systems on the premises to boost security.

Lease and Rental Management

Storage property managers can handle all rental-related tasks like creating lease and rental agreements, contract renewals, and terminations. They also collect rent and manage billing issues with your customers.

After collecting rent, property managers post the payments to tenants’ accounts and maintain your financial records. Your property manager can also conduct property tours and keep track of unit availability to optimize occupancy rates.

Customer Service

Managers provide customers with prompt assistance, address inquiries, and resolve issues raised by tenants. Your management team can assist customers with unit selection, facilitate move-ins and move-outs, and handle payment transactions.

Property management companies train their staff on how to communicate with customers to make them feel at ease. Having a friendly face addressing your tenants’ needs may enhance customer satisfaction and help with tenant retention.


Part of the tasks property managers help with is marketing your facility to attract new tenants. They analyze market trends and conduct competitor research to create effective marketing efforts.

With this information, your management team can devise marketing plans to target potential tenants and maintain an edge over competitors. The team can also manage and use your social media pages to market your facility.

Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management

Self storage properties are subject to zoning regulations and tenancy laws, which outline tenant rights, safety protocols, and property management requirements. Property managers stay updated on these laws, helping you remain compliant and preventing legal issues.

They also assess potential risks, implement safety protocols, and provide staff training to mitigate liabilities. The management team may also provide recommendations to improve regulatory compliance.

Staff Training and Management

If you need employees like cleaners and security officers, property managers will interview and hire them on your behalf. Your management can negotiate employment terms with new employees and draft job contracts.

They monitor and supervise staff at the facility to verify good performance. The management team can also train the staff, improving the standard of service offered to customers.

Get Self Storage Property Management Help

Managing a self storage facility requires a direct approach, which might be challenging if you have other commitments or own multiple facilities.

A property management company helps with property maintenance, customer service, rental management, and staff training. Managing these everyday tasks efficiently contributes to the smooth operation of your facility, providing tenants with a convenient storage solution.

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