Basic Arabic Words To Learn for Conversation

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Arabic is a language rich in culture and history spoken by many people worldwide. Whether you are visiting an Arab-speaking country or learning the Arabic language for fun, it is best to start with conversational phrases. Here are some basic Arabic words to learn for conversation:


Most conversations start with greetings, so it helps to master basic Arabic greetings. According to Arabic culture, men greet one another by saying “marhaba.” You can greet women using the more general greeting “ahlan.” Women respond to ahlan by saying, “ahlan biki” and men “ahlan bik.”

You can also learn greetings for different times of the day. Good morning translates to “sabah al kair,” and “masaa al kair” means good evening. There are also basic greetings like “ahlan” or “marhaban,” which means hello.

Common Expressions

Learning common Arabic language expressions can help you share your thoughts and feelings. “Shukran” means thank you, while “afwan” means you’re welcome or excuse me.

Use “ismahlee”  to say excuse me, “aasif” to say sorry, and “min fadlak” to say please. Incorporating these language functions into your Arabic vocabulary can help you sound more courteous in conversations.

Conversational Phrases

Conversational phrases can help you initiate conversations or be able to hold pleasant conversations with other people in Arabic. When asking a male their name, say “ma ismuka?,” and when asking a female’s name, say “Ma ismuki?” You can also introduce yourself to people in Arabic.

If you want to say my name is Mary, you say “ismii Mary.” “Anaa min” translates to I am from, “atakallam qaliilan al-’arabiya” means I speak a little Arabic. To connect with English speakers, ask “hal tatakallam al-injiliziya,” which means, “Do you speak English?”

Names of Foods and Drinks

If you visit an Arabic-speaking country, you may want to explore the local cuisine, so it helps to know how to ask for food. “Taeam” means food in Arabic, “faTuur” means breakfast, “ġadaa'”  means lunch, and “easha'” means dinner.

Familiarize yourself with drink terms like “maa” for water, “shaay” for tea, and “qahwa” for coffee. You can also learn the names of common foods like “khubz” for bread and “lahm” for meat. Understanding basic food terms can help you find local places to eat and enjoy new cuisines.


Knowing the words used to ask for directions can make it easier to navigate new environments when visiting Arabic-speaking countries. Learn words like “eyna as-suq?,” which means “where is the market?” It also helps to understand the Arabic words for cardinal directions. “al shamal,” “al ganoob,” “al Sharq,” and “al gharb”  refer to north, south, east, and west.

Learn the Arabic Language

Learning the Arabic language can enhance your communication skills in an Arabic-speaking environment. Starting with basic Arabic words can help you grasp the language faster as you continue to use them in conversations.

While Arabic might seem complicated, it can be easier to learn with the help of a professional. Reach out to an Arabic language tutor or take an online class today to explore this beautiful language.


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